“A Day In November” – Gronk’s stripped-down piano album – available to stream

The brand-new remaster of “A Day In November” is now available on Spotify and all major streaming services, courtesy of Identity Music and featuring the original artwork by Devil’s Kitchen from photography by Alexandra Duff.

“A Day In November” was recorded in Kore Studios, London in November 2017. I’d done a bit of piano work for my dear friend and studio owner George Apsion, and in return he miked me up and gave me an hour to myself recording on his lovely upright piano.

The piano at Kore Studios, west London
The piano at Kore Studios, west London

I knocked out nine songs in half an hour, and this is what you hear on “A Day In November”: warts and all. I love hearing the pedals squeak, the nails clicking on the keys, the breathing during the quiet moments. It’s the sound of someone playing you songs in a room: no more, no less.

Listen to “A Day In November” on Spotify now

Cover art photographed by Alexandra Duff

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