“Safety In Numbers” 2020 remaster

“Safety In Numbers”, the classic 2014 album by Gronk & The Body Doubles, has been given a brand-new remaster and is now available on Spotify and all major streaming services!

After a trip to the America’s east coast Gronk returned to London and formed the Body Doubles, a crack unit of rock ‘n’ roll musicians that spent five years limping around London’s sawdust venues

This is the band’s only album, and represents the absolute cream that rose to the top of their live set; combining rock ‘n’ roll, folk, funk and country stylings, “Safety In Numbers” is the perfect soundtrack to a disappointing summer.

Listen to “Safety In Numbers” on Spotify now


Claud Musker, Andrew Robertson (electric guitars); Hugo Wilkinson (drums); Andy Fairlie (bass); Adrian French (trumpet); Matt Grabham (violin); Anna Harvey-Williams, Julia Gray (backing voices); Gronk (voice, keyboards, bits & pieces).

Recorded at Alchemea in London.

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