“Vessel” – co-written with Gus Robertson
“Windowsills” – written by Gronk & performed with The Body Doubles

I write two types of song – those with words and those without.

“Network King” – a video commission by Network Rail

I believe a song should only have words if they’re needed and if they’re good. An instrumental creates an entirely different effect on the listener to a piece of music that features a human singing and putting ideas over.

“Society Of Friends” – performed with Carnival Of Souls

Of course, any song can be an instrumental if you just remove the voices from it! When creating a piece with many layers I try always to make it interesting enough that it’ll work as an instrumental; but there’s also a lot to be said for the intimate atmosphere of a voice backed up by only a very sparse arrangement.

“Last Of The Hollywood Girls” – co-written with George Apsion & Gus Robertson
My keyboard setup
“Panama” – written & performed by Gronk

My instrumental pieces have featured in adverts and corporate videos commissions. I generally write an original piece to order when approached, though a client would usually browse my catalogue and select an idea which I can then expand upon.

“A Mist Of Stars” – written & performed by Gronk with Scott Durum on ocarina

On this page you can listen to a selection of songs and instrumentals that I’ve written or co-written over the years. I hope you enjoy them – please contact me if you have a project that needs musical treatment – I’m all ears!

“Headed For A New Star” – written & performed by Gronk

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“The Long Way Round” – written by Gronk & performed with The Body Doubles
At home with my keyboards
“Good Morning Carolina” – written & performed by Gronk with Scott Durum on saxophone