Mini Musos: Location Recording for Children

Last summer my daughter sat her Grade 1 harp exam. Like any proud dad I wanted to get a record of her playing her exam pieces; but unlike other dads I have access to professional-level portable recording equipment, rather than just a mobile phone mic.

Zoom R24 portable digital recorder
Recordings can be captured at any location using high-quality portable digital equipment

The audio clip below gives you an idea of the jump in sound quality between a recording made with a modern phone (in this case, a Samsung Galaxy S8) and pair of AKG condenser microphones rigged up to a Zoom R24 digital recorder. The switch occurs 12 seconds into the clip.

Hear the difference between a phone mic and a professional-quality portable set-up!
Recordings are processed, mastered and printed at my home studio

I can take my set-up anywhere, it fits into a suitcase! So: here is your chance to own a professionally-produced recording of your child, done at your home and mastered in my home studio – plus as many CD copies as you need to send your loved ones a unique gift, small enough to put inside a card.

“Barn Dance Memory” performed by Charlotte Mounsey (age 7) – finished version
Sample CD
Here’s a sample CD showing an example of the finished product – slim enough to fit inside a card

The CDs come complete with high-quality cover art, on-body title print and a lifetime quality guarantee. Contact me today to talk about your requirements and get a quote: