Mini Musos: Home Recording for Children

You probably have a framed family photo – a professionally-taken picture of your children that captures a moment in time forever.

But do you have a high-quality audio recording of them playing their musical instruments?

“Goblin Rustle” performed on the harp by Charlotte (age 8)

One child in six gives up music by the age of 11. (Source: ABRSM) But it’s easier than you think to own a professional-level recording that you can treasure forever – captured in your own home.

The audio clip below gives you an idea of the jump in sound quality between a recording made with a mobile phone (in this case, a Samsung Galaxy) and pair of AKG condenser microphones rigged up to a Zoom R24 digital recorder. The switch occurs 12 seconds into the clip.

Hear the difference between a phone mic and a professional-quality portable set-up

Why choose Mini Musos?

Parents: Create a memory that lasts forever with a high-quality recording of your children. Give it as a gift to family in the form of a digital download, custom-printed CD or USB, or even a bespoke presentation pack.

Students: How often do you get the chance to hear how you’re doing? Prepare for exams and keep a record of your proudest achievements in pristine audio quality.

Schools: Capture your concert and theatre performances using the Mini Musos location-based recording service, to offer parents the best possible digital experience should they be unable to attend in person.

Guidance: As a qualified engineer who has worked in professional and educational recording settings, I can give the appropriate coaching for performances, paying attention to every sonic detail, resulting in the best possible presentation of each piece.

I can take my set-up anywhere, it fits into a suitcase! So: here is your chance to own a professionally-produced recording of your child, taken at your home and mastered in my studio – plus as many CD copies as you need to send your loved ones a unique gift, slim enough to put inside a card.

CDs come complete with high-quality cover art, on-body title print and a lifetime quality guarantee. Downloads, USBs and presentation packs are also available. Contact me today to talk about what you need and to get a quote:

Here’s a sample CD showing an example of the finished product – slim enough to fit inside a card
Recordings are processed, mastered and printed at my home studio
“Mountain Stream” performed on the harp by Charlotte (age 8)