Slade Studio: Demo Recording & Mixing

I’ve been in so many studios with so many bands – and almost never walked away with a recording that captured the best of us.

Clinical studio environments can be very intimidating, resulting in subdued performances mixed in a hurry by in-house engineers.

Slade Studio offers a relaxed home environment kitted out with all the instruments and recording gear you need for a top-quality recording.

Slade Studio
My cosy setup!

It’s the perfect atmosphere for demoing new songs, getting creative and trying out new ideas.

Plus – you’ll have the benefit of my skills as musician and arranger as well as producer.

Capture the warmth and adventurous spirit of a piece of music created in a relaxed environment sympathetic to creative minds.

Julia Gray chose Slade Studios to record her EP “Songs for Nora Tobias” – listen here on Spotify

And if you’ve already been in another studio but would like a fresh pair of ears to mix or remix your work, I’d be happy to hear from you too.

Mixes are often rushed off at the end of a studio recording session, which renders your hard work useless if the mixes don’t do the songs justice.

So keep hold of your multitracks or stems and get in touch to see how I can help: